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  • Nov 30
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I found out from a few men that contacted me that they were not members of IDC, but rather AfroRomance. I found that strange because I never signed up for AfroRomance and maybe that is why black men were contacting me ( I am looking for a interracial relationship...white / latin / Asian). I didn't respond to the black men because I thought they were joking, but after responding to a few... Read more

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Don't have a complaint. I think the site is wonderful. I could've had dates from day one. Been on the site for a couple of weeks. I don't have any problem with women. Plenty Of them talk to me. They want to go out with me. Add comment

  • Nov 24
  • Social Networks
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The site is good IMO but none of the women seem to respond back. I am a genuine black male whooo is not just looking for sex. I wrote to several women, sent pictures, and none seem to be interested. Why even place an ad if you are not serious. The other thing that frustrates me is that many of the women have been married and divorced so it is not like they have not had sex before. I mean ***,... Read more

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I want to become a paid in full one month member only at 19.95please respond back my email membership is wellgroomed 144@gmail. Com My answering messages email is aboutime1849@gmail.com Add comment

I'm sorry to hear that women are being taken on the site. I feel that most men are looking for sex, why outside of their city or state, I don't know. Women investigate the men and it's perfectly fine to say no! Don't allow your needs and desires over take you. Use caution always. Add comment

  • Sep 05
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  • Couva, Couva-Tabaquite-Talparo
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I agree . I have found that many of the men there are looking for sex under the guise that they want marriage. I met one 52 years old named. Don. Brown a stone mason with his own business from Guelph , canada. He travelled to my island to meet me under the guise that he wanted to marry. It turned out that he was just interested in sex. When he got back to Guelp i heard less from him, he suddenly... Read more

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I requested for my profile to be deleted and my acct. to be closed. This has caused a misunderstanding between me and the gentlemen I met on the site and him callingme liar demeaning my character. Thanks AfroRomance.com Add comment

  • Jul 09
  • Entertainment
  • London, England
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The guys are not serious, conversation is always leading to sex or just *** boring. I don't think there are any genuine guys on the site Read more

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  • Jul 08
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This website has the opportunity to work well if you added the ability to post reviews or rank the guys or ladies who join the site and start the process. There are a lot of people who I believe are genuinely looking to meet someone and because the bar is not there idea of connecting with someone this becomes the platform of choice. Like ebay your site should allow us to rank based on responses,... Read more

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