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I have had dates from the site so if people have not then it's like any other dating site you may and you may not meet someone legit, two dates lasted considerable time and frankly the comment I have read here stating it should be called 'black women with light skin' is as bad as if anyone were complaining about dark skinned women there, ignorant! I have never had issues with customer service until recently which leads me to believe that possibly someone not suited to the role has stepped it, I keep getting photos with nothing wrong with them... Read more

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Although, I've been on the site on and off for years.....I'm speechless!!! It should be called black women who are light-skinned!! Wow!!!! Add comment

Going on 8 years with an active profile! No legitimate responses from any women I was interested in. Got 100's of Flirts from fake profiles created and closed by so called site administrator. Real scammers for your money! Waste of time! Better chances of meeting women for free at local coffee shops! Add comment

I have been on site site for 11 years and not got anywhere;it is full of foreign women who need a UK passport and gold diggers!The rest of the women on here want male model type figure which I am not one of them! I am an ordinary man on a modest income and do not have good looks on my side.Also I am not prepared to marry someone from a third world country who's true purpose is to obtain a British passport.If you are a good looking man you wouldn't need to go on a dating site ;nor would you have to if you are financially well off so this site... Read more

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please i cant login to my account anytime am trying they keep telling me password but have tried but still Add comment

They ban your account for no reason and send you these threatening emails about opening another and it will be banned. Not cool especially for a new comer onto there website. All i did was make a legit profile. Add comment

Dating sites can be enjoyable when there's communicable truth. Profiles and dating with people can be catfishing or just plain overwhelming falsities. There may be other profiles that are the same individual (Blackmule72 on blackplanet ). There is boast of the applicable chromosome science of mules due to a nickname. Laughing/mood swings, colorful behaviors with many colorful people, unusual thinness, seeming euphoria when or etc. can often be linked to personal substances. Watch out for such when getting to know people in general for your... Read more

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If you are an advocate of any form of safety or ethics then be cognizant of the people you may be encountering on dating sites. There was a male encountered from this site that was found to be pretty frightening. He had all kinds of weird addictions/vices/activity and life long lies related to various breathing/non breathing items/persons that were primarily outsides of the confines of the law. Persons involved in this wide and varied age range of blood related/non blood related circle around him were functioning, undeveloped... Read more

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these internet must be free their those who cannot manage to pay.put it free please Add comment

I met a gentleman on there, who later told me he was married, but separated from his wife for two years, which was a red flag. We continued to talk on the phone, but he changed his number after a month of communication with him. He gave me the new number, and wanted me to visit, but I had doubts. He proceeded to tell me he was going to another city to work for the weekend. Never heard from him, until he sent me an email, tell7ng me if I got a call just say I didn't know him. SMH! I decided to do a background check. He had a DV on his record... Read more

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