AfromRomance is Filled with FAKES.DON'T GO THERE.

I thought at first it was a great idea for getting your preference and it could have been. Don't look for honest reviews out there, most of them are fakes too. So I have to warn anyone thinking of this site that, as with the recent lawsuits invloving Match.com, this site employs BAIT and TRAP methods. Meaning that they site purposely leaved handsome fakes to lure you into joining.

It seemed to me that 3/4 of the male profiles (I cannot speak for the female) are FAKES. It got so that I could predict that any handsome man that flirted with me would never answer a with a response of any kind.

Most used questionable english and very brief answers as though they were scared to slip up,which leads me to suspect they are the much heard of Nigerian Scam Artists responsible for more than half all the fraudulent internet accounts.These sites will eventually kill internet dating if someone doesn't put a stop to this practice.

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AfroRomance Verified Representative


I am the Customer Support Manager of AfroRomance and would like to assure all that we do not use Bait/Trap methods to get people to join the site.

AfroRomance has been around for over 15 years now and is linked to the Interracial Datin Network which has been going strong and is a very reputable network in Interracial Dating.

Our team work very hard at keeping Fake/Scammer accounts off the site but we also do rely on our members to report suspicious accounts as well.

You can report members at the following link:

https://www.afroromance.com/contact Kind Regards Cindy AfroRomance Customer Support Manager


I also suspected that some men on there were planted by the website. But have no proof, do you?


This site is not going anywhere.I am a witness, the site is real.

I almost got married 2013. I wasn't ready for married. I was just got divorce in July 2013.

December I found a guy from this site, who wanted to marry me rt away.

I'm sorry it never work for you, it is working for me.



Dallas, Texas, United States #672097

The site is worthless.My biggest complaints is that no matter how many times you set your preferences so those you don't want to hear from are filtered, I KEEP getting loads of messages from blacks every single day.

It is an interracial site, as a black woman, why then would I be there if I wanted to hear from other blacks? No literally had to adjust my preferences every single day. After about 4 months, I left and went back to match. More white men and when you set your filter settings, they say.

Worthless site, monthly payment not worth the options, a bunch of illiterate black men hitting on you every day and a bunch of old flabby white men to choose from.Not to mention the many, many fake profiles (Ive been contacted by guys talking about they are overseas at work and need money to come back to "be with me", guys saying they are single only to find out they are married and looking for a mistress, etc.) LAME!

to Skye #776032

I can't imagine why any man, black or white, would be interested in someone like you.You are clearly a self-hating and ignorant woman.

Just because a site is interracial doesn't mean you MUST only date people of different ethnicity. My preference is a particular type of Caucasian man, but that doesn't mean I HATE black men. I've NEVER had any problems with my filter, which is set to white men only, nor have I had any problem meeting attractive, successful men.

In fact I'm returning to the site after a three-year relationship with someone I met there.With your attitude, I don't think you'll ever find anyone.

to Beauty #776041

^^from Nigeria.

to ***razor #897591

good luck *** razor from Nigeria.

to Beauty New York City, New York, United States #826321

you are so right, you could not have said it any more clearly

to Beauty #979984

Self-hating?You pro-Blacks need to mind your *** business.

She is on an interracial dating site; therefore, she is seeking something other than herself. That's her preference. You want a Black man, fine.

She doesn't.Get off your high horse.

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