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I'm sorry to hear that women are being taken on the site. I feel that most men are looking for sex, why outside of their city or state, I don't know.

Women investigate the men and it's perfectly fine to say no!

Don't allow your needs and desires over take you. Use caution always.

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AfroRomance Verified Representative


I am the Customer Support Manager of AfroRomance and thank you for your feedback.

Online Dating gives you the opportunity to get to know someone and allows you to take the time to feel comfortable before meeting and taking the next step.

There are times where unfortunately not all members are looking for the same thing but like you said there is nothing wrong with saying No and moving on. Patience is the key, it doesn't happen overnight.

We do have Online Safety Tips available to our members on the site.

You ca find them at the following link:

https://www.afroromance.com/online-dating-safety We do recommend our members read this so they can enjoy their time on the site. Kind Regards Cindy AfroRomance Customer Support Manager

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