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Bad control over your own search. Oh it just sucks!

I can't search for more than one race at a time. I can't save the search for a particular age range. I can't narrow search to my area. I don't feel like going to Indiana from D.C.

to see a girl. I just can't with this site!!! Other words and other words to make it to one hundred. I was on here a while back and it used to be better.

More and more words. Wow how long until u get to a hundred!??! So what else can I talk about. Why are there so many black girls on interracial dating sites but not many of any other race?

Something else to say. I would never vote for trump. How'd he get into office?

Geesh am I not at a hundred words yet? I gotta write a book or something?

Product or Service Mentioned: Afroromance Online Dating.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Agree the searches are very awful. U cannot find what to look for it still brings up others that not to be in the search. Also the author responses to each review from AfroRomance just shows how 'wonderful' their customer service is.

AfroRomance Verified Representative


I am the Customer Support Manager of AfroRomance and I am sorry to read you are having issues with our Search options.

You can be rest assured you can Save your searches and also narrow your search down to location.

Please click on the following link:

Please from here select the method of contact preferred and one of our Customer Support Team will be more than willing to assist you with your Searches and how to Save Searches. Our Customer support is available 24/7 so please dont hesitate to contact them. Kind Regards Cindy AfroRomance Customer Support Manager


So quit wasting your time fiddling with a little screen looking for love when it's often about physical presence ?

Turn off your phone and computer then spend your time around actual living, breathing humans. You won't have to travel to wherever and you get a good look at what you're attracted to.

to Anonymous #1485085

It makes sense to meet people through family and friends. It can also be from your daily activties, but use commonsense.

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